The Avengers Workout – Ever Wonder How the Avengers Buffed Up?

As The Avengers is being released in May of 2012, it brings together one of the biggest cast of action/adventure superheroes on a big screen to date. The movie is based on a team of super humans who are to become earths savior from an evil leader and his troupes. You can imagine with the rolls that were played in the film that the workout regimen had to be very effective. The avengers workout toned and ripped the stars to flawless physiques and real super human muscles. The all looked fantastic, and it has a lot of people asking, how did they do that?

Chris Evans Workout

Chris Evans workout, playing the role of Captain America, was a revisit from his workout for the Captain America film. While Chris has always kept a ripped physique, he had to build a great deal of muscle for this role that was beyond his normal weight. A lot of actors and actresses have to get toned or builds muscle mass for new rolls. and this was no different for Chris. He had to undergo a training regiment that included 2 hours of working out each day for approximately 4 months. While the workout to attain the physique for The Avengers was not a brutal as the first time around, Chris had to get back into the muscle building role which brought him back to the point of having to consume a great deal of protein to help increase his muscle bulk while not gaining extraneous weight. While this is a commonly used routine to get maximum results changes are made to accommodate each actor or actresses individual needs. To find out more about the workout – check out our Chris Evans Workout article.

Chris Hemsworth Workout

Chris Hemsworth’s workout, playing the role of Thor, was a revisit for him as well to his prior work as Thor, in the Thor movie released in 2011.  As Hemsworth was never weight lifter in the past, but rather kept a very athletic physique through regular activity in sports. However, for the role of Thor, Hemsworth had to take part in a muscle building routine in order to gain the physique of a god. By focusing on compound weight lifting exercises, he was able to target more than one muscle group at a time and increase the rate as which his body added on the dense muscle he needed for the role. There was also the addition of muscle confusion, supplements and a strict high-protein diet. With 12 unique workouts accommodating the needs of the actor, he increased his metabolism rapidly while building strength through resistance and the muscle confusion technique. Muscles were actually able to be targeted, hence the maximum results could then be reached. To find out more about the workout – check out our Chris Hemsworth Workout article.

Scarlett Johannson Workout

Scarlett Johansson workout , playing the role of Black Widow, is a revisit for her to the workout she undertook when she debuted her role as Black Widow in Iron Man. While Scarlett has always been slim, she has not always been as strong as the role required. Therein she had to undergo a workout that focused on toning her body and losing any excess weight in order to fit in the skin tight costume, which she is reported as saying had no room to where anything underneath. Since she had to play a role that required both slimness and strength, her trainer had her work on a lot of core exercises as well as strength training, agility training, and fight training. An interesting change in Scarlett was that before the role she has stated that “lunges suck and chin ups are impossible”, yet after her time in this workout, she ended up loving the strength training aspects of it the most. To find out more about the workout – check out our Scarlett Johansson Workout article.



Naturally each actor had a personal trainer, and a nutritionist. While the men had very different physiques to try and create as compared to Scarlett’s, they each took their work out in stages, and built the superhero bodies that you see on the Avengers. When the men entered phase one of their workouts they were placed on high carbohydrate and high protein diets. This was a way to outsmart any body fat and then the muscle was able to start producing.  Phase two centered on building strength and chiseling the body to perfection with a drastic cut in carbohydrates and more focus on nutrient rich foods and proteins. This was the stage where the two actors, who were on very similar journeys really had to dig deep, because the exercises got real tough.  While The Avengers movie will please many a superhero fan, the workouts needed in order to buff up for their roles were no joke.

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